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About OpenPBX.io

OpenPBX.io is a powerful unified communication platform, which supports IP phones over SIP Trunks on both the models, on-premise as well as on cloud.

Traditional communication systems are neither cost-effective nor flexible, but OpenPBX.io enables users to enjoy all the state of the art capabilities like multi-party audio conference, scalability as per the business need, option of connecting multiple sites, Integration with existing database for the desired screen pop-up and what not that too at an affordable price. Equipped with all UC features, OpenPBX.ioenables users to connect on just click of a button. OpenPBX.io effectively boosts productivity, reduces interrupted business communications, streamlines operations and improves customer services on a single user interface.

We intend to enable industries to connect and communicate easily to their customers and stakeholders across geographies, seamlessly.

7 Reasons to Use OpenPBX.io

Affordable Solution – Save Like Never Before

Save like never before by switching from traditional PBX to OpenPBX.io

Open Platform – Take control of your system & data

Not to worry about your freedom; take control of your data and system always.

Easy Deployment – Install anytime anywhere effortlessly

Run OpenPBX.io on-premise or in the cloud as per your requirement and budget.

Easily Manageable – Upgrades & security through the easy management interface

The key reason why OpenPBX.io is a great solution is easy deployment, as well as, effortless day-to-day management.

Mobility – Work from anywhere and enhance productivity

The modern business need is – work anywhere and everywhere. This is where OpenPBX.io shines! It gives users the liberty to work wherever they want.

Proactive Customer Support – Get anything and everything of a Call Center

In today’s competitive market, missing even a single customer call can hamper business, therefore OpenPBX.io comes with advanced customer service features to ensure the best customer experience.

Tried & Tested – Thousands of installations and trusted clients

OpenPBX.io is a tried and tested solution and thousands of clients, globally, are talking about this futuristic solution.


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